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USAQuickMeds offers an array of medications to treat sensitive conditions patients prefer to discuss discreetly. Additionally, many of the medications offered via USAQuickMeds require patients to upload a doctor’s prescription that may contain private information. As such, we’ve created a privacy policy that safeguards the privacy and security of everyone that visits our website.

Our privacy policy provides an insight into how we collect, use, and protect sensitive medical data. It also addresses our use of external hyperlinks, cookies, and email correspondence. USAQuickMeds’ privacy policy aims to cover all topics concerning the privacy of our clients. If you require further clarification on any aspect of our privacy policy, contact us immediately using the information at the bottom of this page.


This privacy policy encompasses your access and/or use of all the content, products, and services listed on the USAQuickMeds website. This includes any content, products, and/or services created, procured, manufactured, or obtained for resale by all subsidiaries and affiliates of USAQuickMeds.

Your use of USAQuickMeds’ products, services, and/or content is subject to this privacy policy and our terms and conditions. If you use our services, you (1) accept this privacy policy and our terms and conditions unequivocally, and (2) authorize the collection, usage, and potential dissemination of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you do not agree to our privacy policy, do not access or use our content, products, and/or services. This privacy policy supersedes all prior agreements or arrangements made between USAQuickMeds and other parties.

Personal Data Collected by USAQuickMeds

USAQuickMeds may ask you for any of the following personal information as part of the order-taking process. We keep client information strictly confidential and do not share it with third parties without the client’s consent. All personal data collected by USAQuickMeds is encrypted before being stored on our servers to protect clients from data breaches.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Gender identification
  • Sex
  • Address (home, work, billing, shipping)
  • Contact details (phone numbers, email addresses)
  • Photo identification (driver’s license, ID card)
  • Your USAQuickMeds username and password
  • Prescription information
  • Message correspondence between you and USAQuickMeds
  • Credit/debit card information
  • Insurance information

If you provide USAQuickMeds with information about other individuals such as your family or friends, you agree that you have their permission to share this information. USAQuickMeds will not be liable if legal action is taken by an individual whose information you provided without their consent after acknowledging this privacy policy.

How We Use Our Clients’ Personal Information

USAQuickMeds collects clients’ personal information to ensure orders are delivered to the right person. This is extremely important given the sensitive nature of the conditions some of our medications are used to treat.

If you provide us with your personal data, you agree to let us use and share it with our trusted affiliates to customize our service offerings for you. You also agree to let us use your data for internal business purposes like conducting data analytics to improve our product development efforts.

USAQuickMeds does not send marketing or product promotional emails without the client’s explicit consent. If you consent, your personal data may be used to contact you via mail, call, email, or text message to provide order updates, delivery tracking information, stock information, and/or for marketing purposes.

If you receive any information via text messages from USAQuickMeds without your consent, please text the word “STOP” in reply to the message received so we can unsubscribe you from our text messaging list immediately.

If you receive any emails from USAQuickMeds without your consent, please click the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of the email.

If you receive any calls from USAQuickMeds without your consent, please inform our team using the contact details at the bottom of this page as soon as possible. Please provide the number you were called from.

When Will We Ask You for Personal Information?

The following list outlines some of the most common instances in which we ask our clients to send us their personal information. Please be advised that the list below isn’t exhaustive.

  • When you register for a USAQuickMeds account
  • When you sign up for communications about USAQuickMeds' products, pricing, and/or promotions
  • When you contact us to ask a question or provide us with feedback via email, text, call, chat, phone, or any other means
  • When you upload a prescription
  • When you refer someone to us

Web Data Collected by USAQuickMeds

The following list outlines information USAQuickMeds collects from users who visit our website. Please be advised that the list below isn't exhaustive.

  • Internet protocol (IP) address
  • Browser and operating system information (make, version)
  • Geo-location information
  • What links you click, view, or hover over when you visit our website
  • URLs you are redirected to/from our website
  • Your login information (username and password)
  • Information about your mobile device, including your number, device IMEI, operating system, device specs

External Hyperlinks

Several pages on the USAQuickMeds website contain hyperlinks that reroute to external websites. These links are used to provide further information our clients may find useful. USAQuickMeds' privacy policy does not cover any content viewers are redirected to by clicking external hyperlinks on the USAQuickMeds website. Please refer to the privacy policy of the website you visit for more information on the privacy and confidentiality practices of that website.


Our Cookie Policy

USAQuickMeds uses cookies to collect, store, and track client information to improve the user experience offered by our website. This includes saving your website settings and any information that may be used to pre-fill forms on your behalf.

USAQuickMeds requests explicit permission from every user to allow cookies before using them. We do not control any cookies on your computer deposited from any website other than If you wish to change cookie settings for our website, please use your browser's cookie settings.

Marketing Technologies

USAQuickMeds uses cookies to market products using Google and social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook. We may place cookies and/or other tracking technology on the devices you use to access USAQuickMeds to assist Google, social media platforms, or other third parties to perform marketing communications. This includes providing you with tailored advertisements and direct mail campaigns based on your website visitation and purchase history with USAQuickMeds.

Please be advised that USAQuickMeds will ask for your explicit consent before sharing your information with third parties. All third parties USAQuickMeds works with are vetted for data security.


USAQuickMeds isn't responsible for information collected by plug-ins on platforms such as social media. If you're using a platform with a plug-in, please refer to the platform's privacy policy on how your personal information will be handled.


USAQuickMeds only stores financial information such as credit card data with the explicit consent of the client. If you purchase a product from USAQuickMeds, your bank statement may list the transaction under another merchant name. This is to ensure your transactions remain completely confidential. If you wish to identify USAQuickMeds transactions on your accounts, we recommend cross-checking the amount you paid when checking out of USAQuickMeds against the amount debited from your account.

USAQuickMeds uses a secure payment gateway to protect clients' financial information. Payment data such as credit/debit card numbers and expiry dates are only stored to help clients refill payment forms quickly. You can opt out of this feature at any point by deleting your card information on USAQuickMeds using your browser.

Please be advised that contactless payment services including but not limited to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay save users' credit/debit card information for payment purposes. Our privacy policy does not cover information breaches occurring due to any negligence or oversight from these services. Please refer to each provider's unique privacy policy for information on how they maintain client confidentiality.

Sharing Reviews

If you review one of our products, you'll be asked to provide your name. You may also be asked for additional details such as your email or phone number. Sharing your review of our products means you've consented to allow us to share your name on our website. We share the names of those that have reviewed our products, so readers are aware of the authenticity of our product reviews. We do not share any information other than your name if you review one of our products on our website.

Privacy Policy Amendments

The contents of this privacy policy may be amended periodically to bolster our customer confidentiality efforts. While we make every effort to keep our customers updated on our privacy policy amendments, we understand our news may not reach some clients. Therefore, we recommend that every client continues to check this webpage in the future for amendments that may affect how we manage user confidentiality.

Privacy Policy Feedback & Clarification

If you require further clarification or wish to provide your feedback on our privacy policy, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, please dial either +18728040397 or+18582674570 to speak to one of our customer service team members.

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